Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Corruption: Glory to Sorry

Throughout the years, I have seen many established people who onced held high status in the society eventually falling into the hands of justice due to breaking the laws. The common type of crime, only committed by the rich, is Corruption.

Recently, 45-year old former Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB) director Mr Ng resigned from the board of Certis Cisco. Together with former Singapore Civil Defence Force Commissioner Mr Lim, both are alleged to engage in serious personal misconduct on share dealings by revealing insider information. He is now being investigated by the Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau.

Mr Ng was a Senior Assistant Commissioner of the Singapore Police Force. He was upgraded to Director of the Criminal Investigation Department. He also graduates from the NUS and is a former member of the NW Community Development Council.


Another example is Mr Chen Shui Bian, who was charged with two bribery accounts. He is currently serving a 19 year sentence in prison at the age of 62 this year.

Mr Chen S.B was born in a impoverished family, but he was academically bright and graduate from a prestigious National Tainan First Senior High School with Honors. He was then entered into National Taiwan University where he passed the bar exams with the highest score becoming Taiwan's youngest lawyer.

Also in awe?

Many people like the above had worked so hard in the beginning to get to where they are. Not only do they attend a good school, they also climb the corporate ladder in their field and made a name for themselves. They have both power and money.

However, it seems like nothing is ever enough. They misused their intelligence in the wrong way. No matter how smart a person is, if they had no moral ethics within them, they will still falter in the end.

And not as if they don't know the law, they know. They thought they can cover up simply because they are already at the top.

Greed is the word. When you have $1 million, you would want $2 million. When you have $2 billion, you will think $3 billion is better. And it goes on.

Their achievements in the past has turned into nothing today. This concluded that your life is about the choices you made.

Remember: Do not ruin your bright future in your own hands that you previously fight hard for.

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