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Titanic Exibition at Marina Bay Sands today!!! Woo!

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I went to the Titanic Exhibition at Marina Bay Sands today, on 16 April 2012 which is 1 day after the 100 year anniversary!! This is so exciting! On 15 April, I actually went to watch Titanic in 3D the 2nd time as I find it more meaningful. I had an awesome time looking at the exhibition and gallery of Titanic. It has a good layout as it started from the Construction, to First class Passenger, to Grand Staircase, then to Third Class passenger, then to Boiler Room, Iceberg, Memorial, and finally to Discovery. The layout is kind of based on time line, where after walking through all the first few artefects, you came to a point where the ship sank. Pretty cool. When I enter the Titanic Museum, I received a Boarding Pass, where it make me look and feel like I am one of the passengers. My Passenger name is Mrs Louis Albert Hippach. Age 46. 1st Class. I checked the status of this woman in the Memorial Gallery. She is SAVED among the 199 people. God Bless.

The Highlights of the Titanic Exhibition

The Wallpapers Depicting the Labour in the Construction Work of Titanic

For me, the most memorable parts of the exibition is the Grand Staircase, the Cabin Hallway, the Open Deck with black sky of stars, the real Iceberg, and the transparent Glass Floor. I like the fact that they not only display ornaments with fact files beside it, but they make the place look like a ship as much as possible which is good. The most emotional part of the Musuem is the IceBerg.


There is a real huge ice for you to touch. And it is cold to the touch. I read that the actual waters of the Atlantic Ocean is even colder than the ice that we are touching because Saltwater ice had a even lower freezing point than freshwater. And thus many people on the ship die due to hyperthomia - a rapid drop of body temperature that cause vital organs to stop functioning. Not due to drowning. This is really very scary and sad.
In the IceBerg part of the section, there is also many quotes of real people about the collision. One quote I remember clearly is that a women on board said, "Women and children first. This sentence is always heard. One part of it means that my life is saved. However, it also mean the loss of my beloved forever, which is my dear husband". This is so so so touching. This would be the most emotional part of my journey.

The Very Luxurious 1st Class Passenger Room

Another section of the musuem is that they show comparisons between a 1st class passenger, 2nd class passenger, and 3rd class passenger. They show it in terms of porcelein plates, bedrooms, and lifestyle. One amazing factor I find is the porcelein plates. There are 3 different types of plates that is designed according to class. This is simply amazing. For 1st class passengers, their plates are exquisitely designed with meaning on it. For example, the squares means the portholes. The blue color means the blue ocean. While the gold representing luxury. For the 2nd class passengers, the plates are decorated with blue flowers. While for the 3rd class, the plate is just plain white, with only the logo White Star Line printed in the middle. There is so much differences. While for the suite, the 1st class passengers had to buy the ship ticket for 2500 at that time, which costs $100,000 today. OMG. That is a lot!!! No wonder some of the wealthiest people are on the ship like Aston. Only these rich people can afford such class treatment. 1st class passengers are also entitled to Turkish spa, meal, gym, and big swimming pool. For the second class, it is $50,000 if counted today. And for 3rd class, it is only $700 today. This is such a huge differences. The above picture shows the 1st class passenger room, the luxurious setting that can be compared to that of a superior hotel.

Some of the Many Titanic Retrived Artefacts

The Boiler Room

Boiler room next. The area really reflects the type of color environment to that of the Titanic. It is RED color. After reading the abstracts there, I had total respect for the labourers. They are ALWAYS working. They are the main force of movement of the Titanic maiden voyage to New York. Without them, Titanic cannot travel at all. However, like what they say, their work is invisible. Nobody would understand or appreciate them. Moreover, Titanic moving from England to New York requires 5 million tons of COAL!!! WOW! Where 1.5km full speed would require 6000 tons of coal. Titanic run out of coal at some point and it transferred it from Olympics. Above is the artefects like Portholes, Screws and Wrench that are used in the build-up of the ship. There is even a HUGE BOLLARD where string is tied around it to secure the ship to the pier at that time. Portholes are build in contact with the ocean water which serve as viewing scenery and allow light to shone through. In fact, the portholes of the Turkish bath in the 1st class cabin is bigger than those of the 3rd class.

Postcard (at that time)

Artefects also include Song Sheet, Calling Card, and Other Instruments

Pocket Watch

There are many small little things that are being retrieved under the ocean. There are many postcards like the above one, woman and London picture postcards that are from the passengers themselves. There are also pencils, pens, neckties, shirt, wallets, coins, stamps, even envelope, letter, sponge, comb, brush, pearl necklace, ring, ear-ring, wine bottles, broken brown porcelain jars and potteries, handle of a deck chair, 3rd class teacups, butter plates, poker cards, children marbles, pittoons, handbag, hat, Cherry toothpaste jar lid, a chamber pot for sea sickness and many other more!

Air Register

There is also a Air Register which allow passengers to control the amount of heated air into their room to keep warm.

Men's Leather Boots

Leather Satchel


Perfume Bottles and Perfume Casings

As seen above, the leather-made boots, bag and belt are already popular in the Titanic era; early 1900s. Because of the tanning process of the leather, it is  protected from micro-organisms. And that is why the shape is maintained. There are many personal belongings still preserved and found in the bag! The leather boots was found inside a leather suitcase that belonged to a passenger. "Real Box Calf Easywear" was printed on the shoe. The perfume, on the other hand, still had their scent on it! Amazing that these perfume had been under the water for several 70 over years. This perfume bottles and casing belonged to Mr Adolphe Saadfield. 

The Cabin Hallway of Titanic

The Cabin Hallway on the other hand reminds me of the Movie Titanic. It is splendid. Exactly the same. It is all classy white and I feel like I am in the real ship. It is really cool that they can rebuild it like the orginal and so surreal! 

3rd Class Cabin in Titanic

Titanic feels that in order to be profitable, they had to make the Third Class lodgings more suffcient than its rivals at that time. Even though plumbs were build over the third class cabin where they were subject to the constant noise of it. And 4 people had to share a room. Overall their standard was way better than any other competitor ships. They had a poop deck, good ventilation, have constant-running water, bathtub, electricity, modest food menu, and also have concerts and dances in the lobby. It is considered better than any other liners.  

Open Deck of Titanic

The Open Deck of the Titanic ship where you can gazed at the stars is also not bad. I can feel that the temperature is even colder than the rest of the museum. I think that in the actual ship, the open deck is supposed to be very cool and breezy. And I sense that. I would prefer that they actually put real water below the deck. It be more interesting to touch and see real water beneath you.

Re-Creation of The Veranda Cafe of The RMS Titanic

This is how the Veranda Cafe looks like (above). The highlight feature of the cafe is the size of the windows. The window frames of Verandahs Cafe are decorated in an English style country garden house. The windows are enormous to give the 1st class passengers a large and uninterrupted view of the outside scenery of the ocean. There are also sliding doors at the rear which opened the room to sea breezes! This must be an exceptional experiences for the 1st class people. Sort of like an open-door feeling, not entirely enclosed. In fact, the Verandahs Cafe shared a service pantry with the 1st class Smoking Room next to it. This allow the passengers to order light meals and drinks.

These 1st class Porcelein Plates Are Still Intact Under the Sand!

Neatly Rows of Plates that are Heat Conductors; Cooked and Quickly Served

Once-Glorious Chandelier that Housed the Grand Staircase

Remnants: There Are No Diamonds Left in This Chandelier Anymore

Next, is the Chandelier. Since being recovered, it is already dented out of shape. The small little holes are the ones containing the candles. The onced grace chandelier is now considered a light fitting that hangs down the ceiling, as diamonds are already gone.

The Glass Floor Make You Feel As If You Are Above the Waters of Ship Wreck

The next exciting part is the Glass Floor. It feels like you are above a ship wreak, where all the broken plates, wines, bottles, and other broken lights under the sand are right below your feet. The experience is definitely enhanced. There are many unexpected things that are revived from the ocean, like the sink and tap, as well as a neat rows of plates neatly lined up! This is surprising. They were not broken. The wooden cupboard that held them are eaten away by micro-organisms. It is predicted that in 40 to 90 years time, titanic will become nothing left, but a rusty object...That is why you should not miss the chance of witnessing Titanic with real objects and real stories. There is also a huge screen of a video showing the actual wreck state of the Titanic under the deep ocean. Could you ever imagine that Titanic, the biggest ship ever made by men at that time during the 90s would sink and end up at the bottom of the MIDDLE of the Atlantic Ocean? The exibition is not just to SEE, but to experience the fall and FEEL the pain and loss of the passengers on board.  There is also information of the divers near the walls of the exit where they it was highlighted thar divers have to take almost 12 hours to reached at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean to retrived the bits and pieces of the onced significant Titanic! WOW. We should thank the divers for their effort. Without them, we would not even have an exibition to reminisce and remember Titanic, and its passengers.

The Cherub Statue that Onced Adorned the 1st Class Grand Staircase

And you know what, I take a picture on the Grand Staircase. Ahahaha! This is so exciting. It reminds me of the scene where Jack meet Rose, and kissed her hand. This is so handsome and memorable. It is the staircase that is inside the REAL Titanic ship. Nobody would ever want to miss. However, one picture of yourself standing in the Grand Staircase is $25!!! If I buy 2, it be $50. This is really expensive, but worth it! I prefer the Camera-man to stand in the center and take the whole view, instead of just standing at the side and taking the Grand Staircase at one angle. Taking at the center angle view would be more grand. The Cherub statue represents Child-like Angels with knowledge and heavenly wisdom by God. It is normally featured in the most luxurious setting and convey a meaning of extraordinary. In Titanic, the Cherub serves as a lamp support on the stairs railings. 

The Grand Staircase of Titanic (The Centre View)

 The Grand Staircase (Side View)

The Grand Staircase with the High Grand Ceiling (View from Bottom to Top)

One of the 3 main luxurious features of the Grand Staircase is the large Glass Dome serving as the top ceiling which allow light to enter the area during daytime. The glass dome is decorated with unique design to reflect part of the luxury. Second, is the Clock which is surrounded by an intricate Oak Carving. It represents "Honour and Glory Crowning Time".  While the third is the Cherub statue. I sincerely felt that the 1st class area of the Titanic ship is SO well planned. Marvelous. Detailed work is everywhere.

Remains: The Deck Bench of the Titanic 

After the end of the Titanic Exhibition, there is a souvenier store on Titanic ornaments like plates, cups, bags, tea sets, books and notepads. I was hoping there is Titanic pens, postcards and more Jack and Rose things, Too bad. I bought a bag thinking that it is cheap. And it end up being $25!!! OMG!! This is crazy. I thought it would be $10 at most. I also bought a 1st class Passenger Dinner Plate at $19 which is reasonable. Total is $44!! Oh man, this is so high for only 2 items. I mean, seriously. And when I go to buy my pictures, it is $15 for one entrance picture with a reeling in front of you and a ship behind you. Another one costs $25 for the Grand staircase. With only $20 over dollars in my little pocket with shillings, I am able to afford one picture. And of course, I choose the Grand Staircase!! This is a MUST! I choose the most good picture out of the 3, and pay the sum. After that, I am considered broke.

I have learnt something. $100 IS NOT ENOUGH FOR MARINA BAY SANDS. And I am for real. $20 is already paid to the Titanic Exibition ticket. Based on souveniers alone, you pay quite a sum, nearing $50 for only 2 items that dont seem to costs that much. And then, a 6x8 picture of $25 dollars, and a $15 picture. Not even talking about food man. It is really for the rich and famous. I need to have a card, a NETS, a Credit Card, a VISA card, any card. Or else, I will run out of money in a second, just shopping in Marina Bay Sands. Come on man.

The Titanic Sinking News Spread in 1912

Nevertheless, I had a great experiences. I learnt alot through the exibition. I have learnt that Titanic is one of the greatest loss of lives that can be prevented. Out of 20 ships, only 2 is filled to the maximum 65. The other boats were filled lower-than-capacity. One even has only 16!! Can you imagine?! This is due to the fact that in the beginning, people do not believe that the ship will sink due to the assumption that Titanic is "practically unsinkable" and thus refuse to get to the boat at first. Only around 700 people survived out of 2200 people. That is only 1/3 of it. There is also not enough lifeboats. At first, the decision was to have 32 boats which can contain the 2200 souls on board in an event of emergency. However, Titanic decision makers decide to cut costs. They feel that 32 lifeboats exceed the basic requirement of the law. And that they find that the lifeboats would take up too many space of the ship. The whole world thinks that Titanic is "unsinkable" because it has 15 watertight doors which can contain 4 compartments of waters when in collision with automatic doors that would close shut in any event, and would still float. That is why. However, nobody would think that the ice would punch holes in 5 to 6 compartments. It is too late to think. Titanic is doomed. Destined to falter. With half of the people (1500) on board to die. That is really a LOT! This is extremely sad when some of the wealthiest people of that century died. One thing that amazed me is that these rich people like Aston and Jacques Futrella were witnessed last smoking at the Cigar room. This scenario makes me think that they are prepared to go down the bottom of the Atlantic. And they are rich people. I totally admired their bravery and how they dont seem to fight for their life to survive. They are SELFLESS and COURAGEOUS. WOW. Total respect. Unbelievable. They are really BRAVE. We should honour them. Who can do that? Mr. Guggenheim was another respectable man that we will always remember in our heart. He was totally prepared to go down.

"We've dressed up in our best and are prepared to go down like gentlemen." - Mr. Guggenheim who was dressed in evening suit as the linear slowly sank, according to witness.  

I really cant bear to imagine that state where people are struggling to survive in the cold freezing water in the middle of the Atlantic, and it is just 2 days before reaching New York. Many peoples dreams and aspiring hopes to succeed and live a new life in America, were dashed. It is a pity. The freezing waters were -3 degrees celsisus. This is really colder than you ever thought.  

Lets pray for the huge losses of human lives in the history of ship disaster.

Recap Titanic: Jack and Rose


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Max rick said...

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