Friday, August 10, 2012

The Mermaid Begins...

Talking about Mermaids, my interest of mermaid starts when I came across an article about Hannah Fraser - An Australian 'real life' mermaid. I saw her pictures swimming underwater. It was Beautifully Stunning. I admired her position that she is able to swim with Whales, Dolphins, Stingrays and even Sharks. She is elegant in water, can hold breath up to 2 minutes and swim to depths of 45 feet without using any diving equipment. And I am talking about BIG ocean. She is able to dive all the way down to the seabed. WOW. There must be some of form of natural powers to do that. You need to be super fit! 

Swimming in the sea with all the marine life is a truly extraordinary experience. It spurred me to want to learn diving! I am honest. I am so mystified by the BEAUTY OF THE UNDERWATER WORLD. In fact, the ocean is not quiet. Fraser accounts that "Baby whales are squealing. And whales are singing loudly." It was a "powerful" experience, she said. And I can relate to that. It would be astounding. Totally. I am so excited to learn diving right now! =D. 

I find Hannah Fraser to be very fluent in water. Her movement looks natural, compared to other 'mermaids'. Very elegant. Lesser hand movements. And she is naturally beautiful. I enjoy her videos. And because of this, I wanted to buy a Mermaid Tail! I mean, who doesn't want to live in fantasy?! For once, I just want to be a mermaid. Go to an isolated beach and swim. If only somebody could take pictures of me swimming underwater with my mermaid tail, it would be great! I will have it print and make it into a wall portrait to put in my dear house! I have quite a bit of an imagination about this. 

Here are some astounding photos of Hannah Fraser swimming with big whales. Imagine that you were that close...

 Hannah Fraser Swimming with Whales in the Wild to Promote their Conservation

I Loved the Magical & Mystery in this Picture. My Favorite of All Time!

Hannah is Swimming with Humpback Whales to Raise Awareness of Marine Life and Oppose Whale Hunting

Fraser said that the whales "were huge like a building".

This is Hannah Fraser. She was fascinated by Mermaids at a young age of 3. And she made her own mermaid tale at the age of 9! Do not think that swimming underwater with these animals is so easy. Their strength can be very forceful. If their tail or fin hits you, you can be smacked down. In reality, Hannah has been confronted by a shark before, but she "made a scary face and screamed at it in the water" which amazingly scare it off, she says. Wow. I like this bravery and wonder about her. I really do think she has an affinity with sea animals. 

Tail + Beauty + Wave

STUNNING!!! Look at the Masses of Fishes!!!

What a Beautiful Landscape!

Hannah swimming in a Ship-Wreak with SHARKS

Shimmery Effect! 

Tippy Nose! Hannah Playing with Dolphin! 

Look at this Video. Fall in love with the Song and Footage. Splendid!

Down to the 2ND Video! She is advertising an OMEGA Watch.  

I do feel inspired. I wanna get a Silicone Mermaid tail. I went to check the price. It turns out to be $2500! SO HIGH! And it takes 3 months to be finished. That's long. But I am not in a hurry. I just loved to be in a Fantasy! It's very dreamy. Outside the harsh world. I retreat back to the sea. Heehee. I do like the Marine Life. I would love to go to Alaska and dive with those professional divers one day, where I see all the Penguins, Polar Bear, Walrus etc. It be so EYE-OPENING!! 

Here are some pictures of the Silicon Tail. I liked it! I loved the scales. I loved the shiny effect. It is not like those mermaid tails that are made of fabric that shows the shape of your leg. A tail is a tail. It had to be in some form. I love the various poses! So elegantly beautiful. To be a 'real' mermaid, you need a long hair as well. 

These are Absolutely Beautiful! 

Let me share some interesting Mermaid Myths

= The earliest form of Mermaid is the Atargatis, a Syrian Goddess. *Remember, A-tar-ga-tis the Goddess. She fall in love with a human. They give birth to a human daughter. The goddess was unhappy, abandoned her child and dive into the lake to become a fish. However, her strong beauty make her unable to transform into a fish. Instead, the power of the waters made her bottom half a fish, and top half in human form. And therefore, termed the Mermaid. 

= Mermaids sing to men on ships or shores nearby, hypnotizing them with their enchanting voice, song and beauty. The hypnotized men would rush out to sea, to be either drowned or sent to their doom. This is known as the Homeric Siren, that led men to their watery graves...

= Mermaids are believed to be immortal. They had the powers to cure disease and grant wishes. 

= Lastly, Mermaids are perceived differently in various countries. For European, it is seen as negative. In Pacific Isle, mermaids are seen as good fortune; while in Poland, mermaids are seen as symbol of the city. 

Here is an Ending picture of Mermaid Serenity: 

Lying on Rocks